About Us

Wondering how we got our start?
Read my 2012 guest blog post from the Easter Seals Crossroad’s website, this was written just a few months after we started.
A few years later we were interviewed for a story in a local publication, Hendricks County Home, that was published in 2014; you can read it here.

Who are we?
SamSam is the star here.  He’s 9 years old and he was born with only 5 fingers (all of them on his left hand).  We call his right hand his special hand.  We saw a great site: livingonehanded.com and loved the great videos Ryan was making.  Sam wanted to do something similar with more things kids would like seeing a kid do.  We’ll setup a way for kids to submit ideas for things you’d like to see and maybe we’ll do an occasional question & answer show where Sam can answer questions from kids as well.  One of our most popular stories is about Sam starting kindergarten, check out our post here about that adventure.



CarsonCarson is the camera operator. He’s also the older brother of Sam. His passions are video games, reading, and soccer. Carson is currently in eighth grade.







EricEric is the Laptop Owner/Operator and Dad of the crew. He has been in IT since 1992 and in photography since 2009. He is on Twitter and Facebook.







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