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Hi, I’m very happy to watch your video that sam shows me eventhough he has one hand but he can do all the things he can. Actually, my daughter born 2 months ago, Her left hand same as sam, I’m worry about her future, like go to school, some one will laugh at her. Anyone laugh at sam when he went to school? And will you give him a prosthesis?
He has too much of a hand for any of the standard prosthesis. Our Hand Specialist said that he wouldn’t recommend one for now because it would just be cosmetic and would give him no extra function. If later in life he wants one for cosmetic reasons we will support him in that… having met several limb different adults in the past year, most of them have said they never wanted one for that purpose. Time will tell.

I saved the other question for last because we share your fears on that question. He’s been in the same pre-school for 3 years… most of the kids there have known him the whole time, so his difference is just a part of him to them. They love him dearly and are great friends. When new kids are added to the class they quickly move on from his hand because all the other kids have accepted him.

Next year Sam will start kindergarten with a whole new set of kids… we’re afraid for him but have given him some tools to help him deal with people that might not be nice about his difference. We have taught him that being different is not only normal but that it is awesome. He answers when people ask about his hand, “I was just born this way.” If they persist he normally says, “we’re all born a little different… it’s no big deal.” How you react to people asking about your child’s difference is how your child will learn to react… it’s important to be firm but educational. Different heights, different hair color, different eye color, etc… these are all differences that usually make it easier for other children to understand your child’s difference. Work out something that is a simple and easy answer you can repeat… this will become the phrase your child will use later on when they can answer for themselves.

Do you have a favorite sport?
Sam loves soccer!

was he born that way ? :((
Yup. It’s not sad… the LuckyFinProject site explains it pretty well:

My son who is 3 and a half also has a special hand due to amniotic band syndrome. Was this the same for Sam? Any suggestions on how you discuss why he’s different would be helpful too. I’ll keep checking our website. Thanks! Your son is quite an amazing
Sam was diagnosed with Symbrachydactyly when he was born. His limb difference was not noticed in the womb. He explains his difference to others, “I was just born this way”. It’s really hard at first for them to get, but the more people that share differences with them the easier it is for them to understand.

I love Sam! In the many times I have seen him play, I have never seen him get frustrated over what he cannot do. Does he ever get frustrated?
He does. If he’s alone (or thinks he’s alone) his determination is amazing and something will have to be nearly impossible for him to vocalize it. But when he’s in a group, he gets frustrated a bit easier. The social component effects him in interesting ways.. like the type of people he’s around will make a difference as well.

Thanks for coming up with the site it is really inspiring
Thanks, glad you like it!

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