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My Special Hand – Episode 11 – Omaha Pedestrian Bridge

We were on a family trip to Omaha when the boys decided it had been too long since they did an episode of My Special Hand. Here is the product of that.

A lot has happened since Episode 10… Sam is now five years old. We had to replace a car. Sam’s cousin Marcus has gotten well enough that he’s back at home with his mom, doing outpatient recovery. Sam’s aunt got married. And Sam is a very confident zipper operator now (hint on the next episode).

Did you go anywhere cool lately?

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My Special Hand – Episode 10 – Soccer

Shake warning. Our 9 year old camera-man wanted to follow the action with this video so there is a fair amount of shake, but it just immerses you in the action.

Sam’s older brother has been playing soccer for a quite a few seasons. Sam wasn’t all the interested in playing until this past year. We started him up and he has a love/hate relationship currently… he loves playing around, hanging out with new friends, and scoring goals… he hates running for long stretches and he hates not being able to changes the rules if they aren’t suiting him.

This summer we went to NubAbility Athletics summer camp and Sam got to learn some new soccer skills from Eric Westover, the goalie from the US National Amputee Soccer team. (See Episode 9 for footage) Since the camp Sam’s confidence has been better on the field and he’s had more persistence as well… the video is from before the camp, hopefully later this fall we’ll do an update video.

What’s your favorite sport?

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Episode 9 – NubAbility Camp

Earlier this year we held a garage sale to raise funds to send Sam to a Sports Camp for Limb Different children. This is that camp! NubAbility Athletics was founded by Samuel Kuhnert and with help from his mom, Jana Kaye Kuhnert, and a host of other family, friends, and Limb Different Athletes they held their first All Sport Summer Camp. It was an amazing time and we can’t wait to go back next year!

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Episode 8 – Playing the Drums

We had the opportunity to visit Rhythm Discovery Center in the heart of the Indianapolis on the suggestion of some friends. It is a great interactive museum of percussion instruments/music. Sam really enjoyed playing all the various instruments. What is your favorite percussion instrument?

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Episode Three

In this episode we tackle a request from some fans… Amie B, Penni Y, and Kelly M asked about cutting out shapes from paper. This is how we do it. It’s not perfect, but it gives Sam some extra safety and the ability to lift the paper a bit while cutting.

Sam does get a little frustrated in this video, but he fights through it. We’re using a regular chip clip that has a rubberized handle.