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Helping Hands Midwest Picnic Video

Two years in a row we’ve compiled photos from the great weekend that is the Helping Hands Midwest picnic. Such a great time with so many amazing families. Check it out if you’re in the midwest.

Music by the wonderful Tony Memmel.

Can’t wait for the 2014 Helping Hands Midwest Picnic!

Sam is starting Kindergarten

We’re so excited for Sam to start Kindergarten next week… and nervous.

Sam is a younger brother, so it’s not that Elementary School is a new and unexplored territory for us.  We’re nervous because we’re not sure how this whole classroom of strangers is going to treat him and his limb difference.  We want to be the optimist that says, “Everything will be fine, everyone will just accept him as he is and they’ll all play together in harmony!” but that’s not very likely.  The opposite view is just as unlikely.  The reality will end up somewhere between.  We wonder aloud, “Have we prepared him enough? Have we given him the tools to meet any situation he will face at a new school?”  The answer is, of course, “no” but we feel like we’ve given him a framework of skills to help him approach the situations he may face.
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Help Ryan from LOH Get To Story 2012

We donated $20 to help our friend Ryan at Living One-Handed on his quest to go to Story 2012!
We welcome you to help him out as well, if you are able.

Ryan was a big inspiration for us starting our site, so any chance we have at helping him out we jump at it. Click here to read his story about getting to Story 2012.

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Helping Hands Midwest Picnic 2012

Ryan from Living One-Handed wrote a great piece about last weekend’s Helping Hands Midwest picnic. We can’t wait until we’re back at the picnic again next year!

Source: Like us on Facebook at My Special Hand

Update!  Here’s some of our favorite photos we took there:

More photos after the jump…
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